Oops I have no time to blog today. So it’s lists all the way…
Web 1.0 is not Social Media
– A pretty Brochure site
– Products, Service, Support, Press Centre, About Us, Contact,
– interactivity meant point and click, print, submit form, fill in a poll
– host provides content, user views content

New Media, Interactive Media, Digital Media are not Social Media
– Pretty game and clickety-click sites
– puzzles, play videos, be guided through the site by flash navigation
– macromedia games and toys to play with
– host provides the content, user clicks through the content

Only Social Media is Social Media
– upload, download, mashup, rate, rank, comment of user content.
– user uploads images, video, sound or text. Or all.
– user communicates with other users
– user communicates with host
– host communicates with user
– host and users all communicate together
– user tells other users about stuff on the site and elsewhere
– user takes the stuff to other sites and then links back to host

New Media and Digital media experts worry about how snazzy the digital content is, and if it’s cool, and if the in house team provided compelling enough content. Interactive media experts worry about if it’s interactive enough – enough clickety clicks and cool whizzbangs to be sticky and viral.

Social Media experts don’t worry about nuffin’ – they are too busy chatting, playing, arguing, discussing, debating, refining, laughing with the members to worry about if the host is providing compelling, deep, or interactive content. At least I am. Heh.

Don’t worry about the content, provide the spaces.

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Myth #1 – Compelling content…

… is the same as a content rich site. Not so.

A content rich site is where you put up fotos and videos, information packs, games, forums, blogs, personalities, favourites, interviews with blah blah, breaking news, advertisements, competitions. And so on. And maybe it will work. And maybe it won’t and you’ll end up with a content rich digital graveyard. And if you followed the format of your competitor, chances are you both will end up with an over-priced, under-used portal. Only MySpace can be MySpace.

Compelling content can be an empty site, brand spanking new, a video server (empty), forums (empty) and lots of nice tools. But give it a subject heading that captures people’s imagination and they will come, running, even if it’s initially to post a “w00t! I got the first post!” message. The Dialogue is The Content. Create the infrastructure and the subject heading and your members will create the content. Too much probably. (more here from Feb last year)

It’s weird to quote myself sometimes. Especially a year or two on. The long tail of SilkCharm. *checks behind herself* Heh.