Changes are a’comin’ to mega social network Facebook – Filters, Stream and Publisher.

Filters – Facebook

Make sure you stay updated on what the friends you care about are posting. Create your own filters using Friend Lists. You can also filter by applications, like Photos.

This means you create Friends groups like

  • FAMILY Mum and her mates who think it’s cool to connect to me, and try and embarrass me
  • WORK The boss, that guy from accounts with funky ties and the suck-up in marketing.
  • INDUSTRY oh those people we have drinks with at Expo and CeBit.
  • MATES Jim and Bob and Mary and Jo-Jo. Anyone who wants drinks after work on Fridays.
  • SPECIAL the cute guy in accounts with the funky ties. yeah him. Again. And bestest best friend. Ex boyfriend who’s still cute.
  • TEMPORARY people we want to keep an eye on, but only for a short time
  • ENEMIES other ex boyfriends who are NOT cute but who we desperately need to know if they are surviving without us. Competitors in love and work.
  • FAMOUS hahaha look at what Richard Branson/Malcolm Turnbull/that minor celebrity that didn’t even get close to winning Australian Idol said in their updates.
  • TWITTER everyone who found you through Twitter but who you probably will never exchange much on Facebook with…

and check them individually depending on your mood.


Stream – Facebook

The stream shows you all posts from your friends in real-time. This keeps you up to date on everything that’s happening. You can control who appears here.

Twitter basically. Facebook’s only realtime/synchronous app before was a private one2one instant messenger. This will look a lot more like Twitter.

Publisher – Facebook

Publish your status, photos, notes and more into the stream. Posts show up both in your profile, and on your friends’ home pages.

I thought this happened already? *puzzled* it’s why I call Facebook a distribution social network (don’t blog on Facebook, just send out links via Publisher). Maybe it will all be one application?

More about the publisher

The publisher lets you share your thoughts and content like photos and notes into the stream. You have one stream—your Wall—on your profile, and one stream on your home page that represents the on-going, flowing conversation between you and your friends.

Oh it’s probably threaded conversations. I said -she said- they said rather than trying to scan or scroll backwards.

I just checked the stats on  Australian membership of Facebook – out of nation of 21.1 million people:

Approximate reach: 4,628,780
I want to reach people age 18 and older in Australia.
Not bad, eh?