Hey Vicki (and everyone)! Look what I found! I swear, I wasn’t even looking and then I saw this ad and when I clicked through I found the websidestory report that has JUST come out – page 1 New Technologies have emerged – has your web analytics solution kept up? We were only talking about this earlier today. Wierd huh? *plays twilight zone music*

They claim there are four keys to online success for media and content web sites.

  1. Increase Online Advertising Revenue – streaming video and audio.
  2. Provide Fresh and Compelling Content – they talk about KPIs of % of low/medium/high click depth visits, time spent per visit, average page views per visit, average number of streams viewed per visit, % of complete streams viewed, ratio of new to returning visitors. Nothing unfortunately on measuring user generated content tho..
  3. Increase your companies reach – including measuring HTML and WML web sites through mobile devices.
  4. Increase Registrations and Subscriptions – differentiating between paid subscribers and non-paid to understand the difference in navigation and optimise the site content to attact more people willing to sign up to premium services.

Of course the whole “white paper” is an ad for HBX Analytics but at least they are working through the issues:

New technologies such as streaming media, Ajax, RSS feeds and web enabled mobile phones are becoming more pervasive and are transforming the way media companies and consumers are interacting with each other and online. These new technologies call for new way to meaure, optimise and monetise online activity.

You might have to sign up (for free) for the paper, but it’s an interesting read.