Natalie Imbruglia (@natimbruglia) responding to a fan on Twitter. natalieimbruglia

While a number of stars are still using Twitter for broadcast (get an intern to tweet 140 char press releases linking to full press release) more and more are using the online community Twitter in a social way. I blogged about the stoush between Perez Hilton and Ashton Kutcher where Ashton told Perez that basically he was just miffed because the blogger was being disintermediated – why do fans need people to blog/New Idea about celebrities when the celebs will tell us themselves through their own channel?


When it’s not Natalie, her management team (see above)  sign tweets E.M. (Egg Management). And there is a beautiful irony here – time after time in social networks I see the representatives become as ‘big’ a star as the stars themselves.  The community manager often is very popular, a known and *cough* loved entity. Very funny, this transference.


A sound engineer – knowingly or unknowingly – has revealed privileged information about Natalie’s upcoming performances in Europe. private-show-natalie-twitter

That was her response (and we know it’s Natalie because there’s no sign off of EM, and there is plenty of space/characters left to type that). If you are a massive fan of Natalie Imbruglia’s these private insights into an unknown world are gold. Much better than airbrushed posters or photoshopped lies in trash magazines. Not that we don’t love that trash too. Heh.

Wonder if she DM’d him with a personal ticket to the show in Prague?

PS the main page Thumbnail shows Nat’s boobs, not her head. Dunno why, they aren’t that great. *miffed*