How to stop those annoying spammy messages on your mobile cellphone from Facebook Messenger Text service.

Took me a while to figure out what was going on. SMS messages but no telephone number? Just asking me to click on a dodgy link? Every. Single. Day.

Anyway two steps.

I went to and turned off Text Messages.

It looks like this.


Then I hopped over to and muck around there. I think these settings stop any chance of SMS from randoms… oh wait! I can’t stop text messaging. I think it’s a security “feature” but .. annoying!

I also poked around Messenger cos that app used to have SMS settings from Faceybookz but they said that all settings are now in Facebook. So there.

Let’s see if this works. It has so far (about a week).

Do you get annoying messages? Scary stuff? Spam? Hackerz? Let me know. I’m nosey.