Old video – Live Feed is News Feed – one of the most successful viral marketing tools ever – and nearly got turned off!

Even Rupert Murdoch thinks they are competitors instead of understanding the symbiotic nature of content vs distribution social networks. Here’s a piece from bloggingstocks “will myspace help or hurt newscorp over the long haul”? :

The problem here for News Corp. is that users are fickle and may eventually find another MySpace in the future (obviously, Facebook is an example of how social networking continues to evolve and how any big brand in this arena can be challenged at any time).

And my reply:

You can tell that these Facebook vs MySpace articles are written by people who don’t use them! MySpace is a depth of content site. As such, to walk away from 2 or 3 years of content creation is a tough thing to do. Particularly blog articles – once a readership has been built, thats throwing away a lot of hard work! MySpace really is about user generated content.
Facebook is not. It is not possible to blog on Facebook. Mostly FB is about distribution, not creation, we put up links and check feeds. A few to few community, rather than the broadcast of a Myspace blog, we gate our information but use many viral touch points (the feeds mainly, auto emails and notifications) to distribute external content. blogs such as myspace go hand in hand with distribution sites such as facebook.

Time on site at myspace is much higher because we have to create the content there. Facebook is only 20mins per month because we usually just check content there… newsfeeds become our tabloids, šŸ™‚

Really quite different sites for different purposes.

I thinkI’ll give up this blog and sit on Facebook all day playing Zombies and Scrabulous. Not.