This is too sad for me to go into the details. Read the Sydney Morning Herald coverage here.

AT JUST 16 Jodie Gater and Stephanie Gestier appear to have made an unimaginable pact. On her MySpace web page Jodie had written: “let Steph and me b free.”

Yesterday, a week after they disappeared, the bodies of the two girls were found in bushland on the outskirts of Melbourne. It is understood Jodie and Stephanie had hanged themselves, after first posting apparent farewell messages on the internet.

But I do want to ask – if you were to come across a suicide note on a forum, or a blog or a chat channel what would you do? It’s a question I’ve had to face many times over the years – particularly from new moderators – and I still don’t have an easy answer. It does take experience to know if its a real issue or attention seeking or teens letting off steam. But still, these emo kids, so disenfranchised… 🙁