MySpace, Laurel, “9am with David and Kim” TV show

Morning TV won’t know what hit it. *drum roll* PREEEEEE-SENTING … *drum roll* … ME!!

I’m about to hop on a plane to Melbourne, to be interviewed along with some of MySpace top members in Australia. As Australia’s leading social network strategist and social network hostess with the mostess, blah de blah. All will be revealed on the “9am with David and Kim” morning TV show (Channel Ten). That’s on THURSDAY this week. One assumes sometime around 9am 😛 MySpace are very kindly are putting us up in the same hotel and packing us off to din-dins, so I’m gonna grill the MySpace supremos to find out how they got +200,000 friends on their page. You can read an article on the MySpace Leaderboard at And no I’m not getting paid, but MySpace are paying the expenses to get down to sunny Melbourne.

I’ve not done TV before – is it like podcasts?

Can someone please tape it and whack it upon YouTube? I have no clue how to do that stuff and y’all are such clever clogs. *smirks*

I’ll be back on Thursday afternoon with a new blog post in hand. Failing that, some new shirts and shoes. I’ve heard Melbourne is great for shopping.

P.S. I better not mention that “9am with David and Kim” has around 140,000 viewers – which is more than Kerri Anne K on Channel Nine but not as many as our MySpace commandos. Heh.

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  1. *hugs*

    Congratulations. The MSM TV airwaves are never going to be the same again!

  2. ooo! exciting! Wishing you bestest luck.. and yes.. it’s just like a podcast, so dont be nervous you will be glorious! 😉

    I’ll be watching. 😉

  3. Congrats, I’ll be at work when the program airs, hopefully someone will record and post to YouTube.

    Unless you could get them to get you an official copy.

    Anyways, congrats and goodluck.

  4. Wishing you the best of luck. Hope you could upload a video in your blog.

  5. Thanks darlings. I have my orders – to sneak in “Nick Hodge is an Internet star” and something about “please follow @Marketing_Queen on Twitter” 😛

  6. I got an email from Osen the Twitter experimenter yesterday. He is following about 37,000 people and worked out that the follow back rate is about 10 percent. Just thought that you need to know this. I wonder how much he could get on Ebay?

    Good luck and have fun. If it is on TV it must be true

  7. I am at home with the kids today and managed to catch your day in the sun. Very good. That guy is a complete twat. You handled him very well.

    My grandfather loved wrestling in the days before women got involved. It was always on on a Saturday afternoon before the football teleticker. He would jump out of his chair and scream at the television. Amazing that that young lady has managed to turn her interest into a career.

  8. What are friends ? said D.
    Said Laurel – They are a bit like fans or an audience.

    Why is the word ‘friends’ so frightening? OMG you have 200,00 friends…too much social obligation for many. But you can have lots of virtual friends, more than in real life.

    Laurel, you are sooo clever! And you looked lovely too.!

    *clap* *clap*

  9. Laurel, f’n hilarious and brilliant. I had to grip my seat when you said to David ‘that;’s a really interesting question’…his retort…’you seem surprised’!! Trust me we all were!! hahah.
    *stay fine* geekgirl
    ps yes i realise i still owe you a tee-shirt but i have one of those depressing 5 day a week jobs. (sigh)

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