I’m so proud…

Congratulations to Forbidden Zone who are the first artist to reach 1000 views for a song, yup you got it… Halls of Dread!!

So here are the site’s current TOP 10 Most Viewed songs;

1. Halls of Dread (1000 views) – Forbidden Zone (USA)(What more to say, Buy the CD!)
2. Don’t run away (697) – Forbidden Zone
3. Hello (678) – The Faraways (UK)(New Album pending!)
4. Liar (637) – Forbidden Zone
5. Angeline (607) – Dani Karis (AUS, Sydney)
6. Transformer (479) – Amber Calling (AUS, Adelaide)
7. Angry Sont (445) – Dani Karis
8. Sweet memories (369) – Younghate (AUS, Sydney)
9. Uncertainty (354) – The Kings (AUS, Melbourne..hint hint, great song!)
10. Come along (324) – Morgan-Elizabeth (AUS, Taree..well done you)

To see who is next go to the most viewed page, and click on ‘all time‘! Congratulations to the artists and their fanbase for supporting them this far… Well done!

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