Gentle readers, I need a slogan for my website that will be going up in about 4 weeks. That’s four weeks to learn PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Photoshop. Four weeks to design a concept and get creative (I failed at making mud pies). Four weeks to write up content and tell the world what I do. Oh yeah, did I mention Drupal? Which I guess means making a few decisions a long the way. Which in turn brings me to this week’s question.

What should my slogan be?

Don’t be Evil got pinched by Google. Meanies. I’d had my eye on that, like, forever. /lying.

So, here we go. (The slogan has to take inspiration from the stuff in this blog title).

  1. It’s About Dialogue
  2. Conversation Starter
  3. People Talk (good for mobile phone company?)
  4. Stuff about People
  5. People creating Stuff

… you see? I’m running out of ideas already. Anyway, much as I hate the term user generated content (I’m not a user, I’m a person, I don’t generate, I create, it’s not about content it’s about dialogue!), I need you, gentle user to generate some content, namely a slogan for me.

Next week, you choose the colours. Hmm well, we’ll see about that. 😛

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