… but not on Heritage Media.

TweetGrid video (click HIGH DEFINITION on YouTube site if you want to read words clearly)

First. The bombings in Mumbai are shocking. Loss of life, fear, a tragedy being played out live is not Entertainment. CNN seems to be covering the hotel damage more than the people lost but to be fair, it’s a visual medium and buildings burning show more than statistics in a broadcast medium.

Twitterers are all over it. People are videoing in the streets, taking photos, reporting back to their social networks. CNN coverage is simply not up to scratch, nor is Australian TV. Channel 7 Morning Show had a – bizarrely – ‘people no longer focus on things’ Shrinking Attention segment. While we were focussed on the other side of the world, for 7 hours, they were complaining about our lack of attention span. To heritage media. Irony anyone?

Live-blogging bloggers – from UltraBrown in Mumbai

I can’t believe this is my city. I can’t believe I just passed Ramada hotel ten minutes ago and didn’t realise that the little crowd near the gates would end up being a gunfire battle. I can’t believe the Taj hotel is burning. They’ve got hostages in there. More than half are American and British hostages. It’s 1.21am. There’s been a new explosion at the Taj. A friend of mine is in there. His wine glass had a bullet go through it. He said he was being evacuated to the 18th floor except that’s where they apparently took hostages. We can’t get through to his phone. A friend’s sister escaped just as the shooting began. Some of the terrorists have escaped in a police van. Charming.

All this is, however, entirely fitting as fireworks for the premiere of a film centred around the legend that is George Bush.

UPDATE: Gun battles are “ongoing” and there are about 250 injured.

Not anything a journalist would write, but compelling nonetheless. Disappointly UltraBrown doesn’t have an ABOUT page, so no clue if she is a regular writer or not.

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Police say some armed men have attacked seven or eight places across Mumbai with guns and grenades, killing up to 80 people.

Help Al Jazeera English track the attack points.

Vinu has a live Flickr photograph stream

The power of Heritage media is not the News. We can report the News just fine thanks. It’s not the distribution channel, we can filter and pass on content much better. The power of Heritage media is the Audience – and we are leaving in droves.

Is this the tipping point? The moment when We Media claims News creation and distribution? Well, breaking News anyway? I don’t think there won’t be one tipping point. The assassination earlier this year, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes, Steve Irwin’s death have gradually migrated from heritage media to social media sites. But more people will be ‘tipped’ as they realise they found out about world breaking news on their social network first and television/radio second.

Let me leave you with the Twitterers:

thinkshiv: Twitter better source of real-time breaking information on Mumbai attacks – every other news source lagging #mumbai. Twitter 1 CNN 0 🙂

malbonster: it’s like the whole of the media just got replaced by Twitter #mumbai

dylan20: hashtags on twitter may be a kludge but for coverage of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, #mumbai beats CNN, BBC, etc

skap5: My appreciation for the power of twitter just went up by going to #mumbai Talk about real time info.

quirkyknitgirl: Finding Twitter more useful in following what’s happening in #mumbai than traditional news. Interesting to compare it with CNN.

mothergeek: twitter success covering live, real time, the mumbai bombing http://twitter.com/vinu

samfarrow: Just started following @dina who is on the ground in Mumbai – seeing the real power of twitter for decentralised news production.

aeropolowoman: : Tweetdeck, you’ve earned your place as a robust twitter client for following world events (@tweetdeck). I’m talking about #mumbai

aeropolowoman: rt LaiStirland: CNN sucks, Twitter rocks for news on #Mumbai which has links to first hand accounts on blogs, This is the future of news.

ryant: Things I’ve learned from following the Mumbai news on Twitter: 1) the Twitter (or FriendFeed) live search stuff is awesome

ki_lo: Working in a mall means the Mumbai blows up and you find out from Twitter.

Marinalog: RT @pblackshaw: glued to Twitter streams on Mumbai attacks. BBC coverage very good, but Twitter feeds fill huge news gaps. Depressing. #mu

kauffmanr: worldwide twitter feed better than CNN or Huffpost for mumbai news: http://tweetgrid.com/grid?l=0&q1=Mumbai

sethgoldin: Everyone check #Mumbai for news; Twitter is superior to CNN.

ddelony: #mumbai I’m amazed at how Twitter reports are much faster than TV news.

nicprice: Grim news from Mumbai. Heard via Twitter first, then radio, then TV.

The first Tweet, breaking the news of the Mumbai bombings. From Gsik. Thereafter, 8 tweets per second.(smyrnagal) That number can only increase as the ripple effect takes hold. By the way, Google News is showing breaking news from traditional media some 3 hour after Twitter. Which doesn’t make sense. If you know the first mainstream media article/news can you let me know please? 🙂

EDIT: Just saw what I think is the crux of the weakness of current free-to-air TV coverage.
so of course I tweeted it. 🙂