1. There are great ongoing discussions in the more political blogs around whether ‘online activism’ is really worth it – or whether it really exists, compared to activism which creates concrete, substantial change in widespread behaviours, institutions, and perspectives. This is a great example of how positive change can be catalysed, and emerge, and that it _is_ meaningful, even on a small scale.

  2. I recently convinced my retired mum to blog and she is getting more and more users, life experience is a great thing to blog about

    1. @ Frank what’s your mum’s blog address?
      @Naomi EXACTLY. My point 🙂

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  6. Hi Laurel. An issue I found similar was the collective response of Mums to an ANU study showing that ‘baby brain’ was a myth: http://ow.ly/1dUFh There was a lot of discussion with most Mums refuting the research. It made me ponder the potential power of communities self-organising around anecdotal evidence and the impact for science… possibly none but such is the nature of procrastination, or maybe it was my baby brain! 😛

  7. I totally think social media, blogposts can be highly influential in changing the world. Since I started blogging last August, I am amazed at the community and support and inspiration I get from others in the ‘community’ – this is a great example of this – thanks for sharing.

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