For my students: So Facebook has around 1,000 to 1,500 versions running at anyone time (split A/B testing of interface, algorithms etc). Some of the interface changes I am seeing or have seen: social media facebook australia

  1. ENGAGEMENT swapped out for Likes in the public facing ‘numbers’ area of a Page. Now the boss will ask “what is our Facebook Engagement” rather than “how many Facebook Likes do we have”? I wish. I hope this one gets implemented!
  2. Coloured ribbons on the top of Facebook Business Pages. I think it was RED. The choice of Blue and White or White and Blue might be expanded?
  3. Analytics for Facebook Groups getting a massive upgrade. For those wanting to create an online community rather than a “product webpage” Facebook Page this will be a boon.

Remember, Facebook tests and then takes away. Then tries again. All in good time 😉 SO, WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN? Let me know in the student forum, on Facebook or here 😉

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