Monetizing User Generated Content

Here’s an interesting concept:

Today Exclaim, a leading branded platform provider of innovative Web and wireless applications, announced the launch of two new printing and merchandising services: ‘Media Merchant’ and ‘Media Marketplace’. Designed for the revolutionary new generation of interactive services such as blogs, social networks, associations, and other online communities, the easy-to-use applications seamlessly plug into any Web site to make buying and selling prints and photo merchandise easy and intuitive. These true Web 2.0 mash-ups unite photo-sharing and merchandising capabilities with the interaction available at wildly popular online communities, and gives customers an array of customizable, personalized merchandising options.

MEDIA MERCHANT makes it easy for anyone using the service to turn their digital photos into unique keepsakes such as T-shirts, blankets, playing cards, puzzles, and more. To create a custom memento, members of participating Web sites simply select a photo to be automatically directed to the co-branded Media Merchant interface, powered by Exclaim. There they’ll find a broad line of cool products they can customize with the photo, and powerful, yet easy-to-use tools for merchandising photos and mementos for sale and profit. Live customer service enhances the shopping experience, while private labeling maintains individual brands. And when the product’s design and sale is complete, users are returned to their original Web site.

MEDIA MARKETPLACE takes the process further by helping people set their own price for their images on the print or gift, and sell them at a profitable markup. Service providers can leverage the Media Marketplace program to monetize the interactive traffic on their social networking sites, and share in the revenue stream generated by their members’ photo product sales. Service providers have no inventory carrying costs, because Exclaim handles 100% of the back-end services, such as manufacturing, custom-printing, packaging, and direct delivery.

You can read more here. It’s not how I would monetize the interaction of the community – but I can’t talk more until I’ve cleared it with the patent lawyers. The reason why I am drawing your attention to it: the integration of online community with offline activity. Anyone who has heard me speak, knows that is one of my 3 mantras. Also, personalisation of brands has been around for a while on the ‘net but it’s nice to see consumers who generate content receiving some of the revenue. PrintMojo has a “create your own T-Shirt shop.” site. Like I said, though, its not the only way to do it.

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