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I don’t usually do ads on my blog – its disrespectful to you, dear reader – except to advertise my own public speaking and courses, of course. Then I blog on with flagrant disregard. But anywho, I just got an email pointing out this cool sorta-Aussie store called Remo. It was in response to my bloglet earlier today re: Exclaim. (‘sorta Aussie’ cos although Remo Giuffre is in Surrey Hills, their site says they moved back to the US).

REMO as a business is a manifestation of its own unique and organically-developed community-driven merchandising and commerce model. Those interested in knowing a bit more about this Network Model can view this Slide Show.

Their motto? Community is the Brand. Me like. BTW, I settled on Dialogue is the Content for mine. Can’t remember if I blogged it or not. Incidentally people, if you respond on the blog, you get a trackback to your site, which increases your Search Engine value. If you email me, you are dependent on my mood -eeeww- as to whether I blog it and give you a trackback. So when in doubt, hit the ol’ Comment button. 🙂

Back to Remo. I love Jinx online T-shirt store because it appeals to my passion – online gaming like World of Warcraft. So generic stores that don’t swarm down to a customers specific passion may lose those customers. Why would I design and then purchase a T-shirt at a mass design store when I know that my Jinx community would like, really get the joke? So what appealed to me about Remo? One was the Australian-ness of it. Having been an expat for around 10 years (one relatively small Optus gig in the late 90’s doesn’t count) being able to buy Haighs Chocolate Frogs or Arnotts Tim Tams overseas was a must. Americans and Brits and so on adore Aussie products. Except Vegemite. But just watch ’em scoff Tim Tams and other Australian chocolatey goodness! To that end, Remo has started a petition to become the online distribution outlet for Haighs. For me, for yourselves, for poor Haigh’s starved Aussies everywhere sign their petition. The world will thank you for it. And I thank you, Remo dear, for your email. 🙂

Oh, but no, the ugg boots don’t do it for me. (and your community agrees with me. :P)

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