1. When are we going to see people sending each other REAL sweets through Facebook? All the current apps seem to be free, when is somebody going to charge?

  2. dahling, I’ve sent you an invite to the Amazon gift-buying-in-Facebook service. – I’ll have the cute teddy bear please. But that’s a different proposition – not social advertising but straight ecommerce. Well, maybe social ecommerce, but still… transactional not marketing.

  3. Oops, it’s “real” virtual gifts – virtual replicas of real world gifts for free. But I’m sure I saw an Amazon gift buying service in FB *puzzled*

  4. If only they could make the advertising gifts nicer and a little more subtle – pasting wall mart all over a gift does not make me want to pass it along – but a piece of vegemite toast to friends travelling overseas, well that’s another story…

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