1. Well, when you work for yourself, you never go to work,. Yay. But, the downside is you are always at work. Just not for the man!

  2. Yea, just for nothing and working like a machine. but you love to , right? this is enough. loving to do something makes you happy all the time. you will find that your working is actually at rest. I believe i am .

  3. Thanks Laurel

    I think I get something from you. anyway, can i access to 26,Apr web blogger meeting in sydney?

  4. John you are absolutely right – Vocation = Vacation 🙂 I work all week talking about blogs and citizen journalism, demonstrating user generated content and strategising virtual worlds and social networks. In the evenings and weekends I get to do writing for my blog, create crappy content myself and muck around in virtual worlds and social networks. Life doesn’t get any better than that!

    CloudOverSea, of course you can come along – just sign up on that page at Meetup – search for Sydney Weblogger Meetup, ok 🙂 “Have blog online, will meet offline” 🙂

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