As most of you know, I do a bit of work with, the LBS GPS mobile solutions people. Here’s a brill story I picked up today from an email:

Approximately 3 months ago my daughter took the ikids with her to the swimming pool. Later that day she calls me from a pay phone saying that she had lost it. I performed a ‘find’ and found that it was still in the same suburb. I then did a mobile route search a found that the i kids was in the same suburb but quiet far from where she was.

As I drove to the area my husband kept performing searches to see if the ikids was on the move. Thankfully it wasn’t.

When I arrived at the location where we believed the ikids was, I found that it was a residential property unknown to my daughter. I knocked on their door, spoke very politely and calmly, I informed them that this interesting little gadget would be completely useless as they couldn’t use it at all unless they wanted to contact my self. I then told them that it was equipped with GPS, and it was by that means that I found them.

What was the probability that I knock on their house of all houses in the country. I told them that I would be more than happy to call the police as I was more than definite that the ikids was at that location. They insisted that they did not have it, so I continued my search outside the house. A few minutes later a person exits the property, discards something or other and this is finally when I hear it ringing. It was my i-Kids.

I couldn’t believe someone had tried to steal it. I absolutely love this little invention.

Now I just need a chip on my keys, I can never find the darn things. Oh and don’t try this at home kids. I love the i-kids product but it just ain’t worth getting a smackeroo in the face from the local hoodlums – and some of those 7 year olds are terrifying. :p