What mobile widgets and apps do you have and which service provider are you with?

Does anyone else find having a Twitter widget on a mobile a bit, well, redundant? This one only works on Mobio network.

Do the impossible – right from your phone

50+ FREE & cool mobile widgets!

New! twitter on Mobio
New! digg on Mobio
New! My RSS
New! Kaboodle
– locate Cheap Gas

– find live music events
– stop getting lost with 1-click maps

Wow, how nice of them to give out free widgets – that you have to pay to access. :p
How do you feel about telecommunications companies sticking with walled gardens around this sort of stuff? Why do I have to have four SIM cards just to watch the TV shows I want to watch, in Australia? Vodafone, 3, Telstra and Optus. (And which one has the best content?)

How the hell is a mobile phone a convergent device if I can’t even get the widgets and content I want from other providers on it? Is there a multi-SIM ar ound? I would be willing to pay a low monthly fee to all four telcos and then pick up the content I want… maybe. or maybe I’ll just use WLAN. Not sure. I don’t want to fib and lead anyone astray here.

Back to my rant – someone just sue the telcos a lready for unfair restrictions to consumer use. I’m serious!

(What mobile widgets do you have and which service provider are you with?).

Now my understanding is that widgets may be telco-dependent, or even device dependent but mobile apps are agnostic. Is that right? Or maybe widgets developed by non-telcos work just fine with any provider (I think)? I have the GMAIL app but I really only use it generally on WLAN at home (too lazy to move from the sofa to the laptop which is also on the sofa) and for emergencies on Optus network when out and about.

What is the Gmail for mobile application?

The Gmail for mobile application lets you access your Gmail account from your mobile phone. The application works with most new Java-enabled (MIDP2) mobile phones and devices and allows for quick and easy access to your Gmail account. To get started, simply go to http://gmail.com/app in your phone’s web browser to download the Gmail for mobile application. Why download it? It’s got:

  • Speed. Serious speed.
  • The same Gmail functions you know and love, like search and Conversation View.
  • The look and feel of Gmail, so you know it’ll be easy to use.
  • Automatic synching, so actions taken from your phone are reflected in your Gmail account, too.

Google doesn’t charge you to access your Gmail account from a mobile phone, but depending on your service plan, you may be charged by your wireless provider. Check with your provider for more information about fees associated with accessing the Internet from your mobile phone

I guess we will have to develop these things ourselves – clearly the telcos don’t know enough not to fall into the old WAP walled garden trap. Oh and anyone had any nice little app blocked by a telco lately? They have a habit of doing that.

EDIT: Of course, I’m interested in the social network apps. I forgot to mention that, tho it’s in the title – not every single mobile app out there. If you want to explore more, here’s Forbes Must-Have Mobile apps.