Mobile Monday Sydney – tonight

MoMoSyd is on tonight and I’m going:

xumii logoIntroducing XumiiOpens in a new tab.
Founded in San Francisco by Australian entrepreneur Jennifer Zanich, XumiiOpens in a new tab. was an award-winning mobile internet application before it’s beta version was even launchedOpens in a new tab..

One of this year’s VentureBeat DigitalMedia “Mobile Beat” Top 30 picksOpens in a new tab. (along with another early MoMo Sydney guest Mig33Opens in a new tab.), Xumii “gives you a centralized way to aggregate contacts and feeds from your social networks and IM, and stay connected by sharing messages, widgets and photos via IM, threaded chat, groups and mobile walls.” (more here)

I joined Winkspace late last year. Not sure how this one compares… Guess I’ll find out tonight 🙂

A chart of my investigations into over 200 social networks on mobile phones

I was asked to present at MoMo a few months ago on fashion and social networks. *coughs* me? fashion? Anyway it was a schmozzle. I had planned to go through:

  • My trip to Saudi Arabia and how they use the mobile for social networking there
  • The different types of social networks
  • Then live tweeting with Twitter.
  • Then pause to use my camera for live uploading of a “fashion” event covering Qik and Mogulus and so on.
  • Then show the video for second life and virtual worlds on mobile phones and explain how virtual, always on, ambient Live Web will change the way we consume telecommunications and content.
  • Then back to live blogging with my mobile and UStream and what not.

But it didn’t quite work out that way. I forgot to take my mobile phone on stage…

Not the worse presentation I’ve ever given but it must’ve looked like a dog’s breakfast to the audience. NVM

Tonight should be better. I’m in the audience.

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