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From Cnet about a 10 months ago:

Despite the fact that it can be a bit of a mess at times, I love Wikipedia. I’m an information fiend (the kind of geeky kid that asked for encyclopedias for Christmas), and all those Web pages are an amazing source of great–if not always accurate and objective–facts and data. And now I’m pleased to hear I can get all that goodness on the go. Wikipedia has introduced a mobile version for cell phones and PDAs. You’ll get access to all links both in and outside the site, but due to bandwidth limitations, you won’t be able to edit articles or view multimedia content.

Anyone used it yet?

I was able to find Wapedia – but there are more WAP ones here and PDA ones here. One of the challenges with wikipedia is wondering not only if the information is correct but whether its the only information page… (and yeah, I know wiki to mobile is old news for some of you!)
Geekzone had this mobi wiki, from New Zealand:

Users of Pocket PCs, Smartphones and Java-enabled mobile phones running web browsers can now access a lightweight version of the Wikipedia on-line encyclopaedia.

New Zealand-based company Instinct has created a mobile version of Wikipedia for mobile devices, currently available as a beta website.

With over 1,025,291 entries it’s got pretty much everything users could want to know about, from mercantilism to New Zealand history to Fraggle Rock.

The developer says however that people shouldn’t start quoting Wikipedia as the source of all truth though, since the entries are contributed by individuals in the community and aren’t checked by professionals before they’re published.

What is it with New Zealand – every Web 2.0 conference I’m at, New Zealanders are at the forefront of showcasing enviable technology and passionate about groovy stuff. Which reminds me, here’s a Web Engineer Job in Christchurch for search engine/online community person, from Enterprise:

Web Engineer
Our client is a developer of leading edge search-engine technologies, that harness the knowledge and behavior of online communities. They now seek the passion, and technical talent of a Web Developer, who wishes to join a business developing the next phase of new Internet technologies. If you are a PHP guru, this is the role for you.

It’s Seek.com.au again – job title Web Engineer, location Christchurch, JobID=8436781 – Let me know how you get on.

I reckon it’s something in their water, gonna go get me some and bottle it.

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  1. That’ll be with Eurekster if anyone wants to dodge around the recruiter and go direct.

    They the biggest and most important Web 2.0 company in Christchurch. For now, at least. 😉

  2. “I reckon it’s something in their water, gonna go get me some and bottle it.” being a Kiwi myself that comment just cracked me up :)!

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