Are you interested in private one-on-one social media training (or two, bring a colleague/friend)? Is there a specific issue or project that needs bespoke help to do with Facebook, Instagram, Social Ads, LinkedIn, scheduling, Social Media Strategy, Campaigns, hashtags, pixel retargeting, algorithms, and so on that you would like to sit down with someone for two days and just, get the job done? Can you put up with my goofy jokes?

Offsite Tutoring

Please enquire for offsite social media training – you alone, you and a colleague. Or even you and a (small) team. 

Topics to Consider (examples)

As clients have a wide range of questions and issues – Government focus on messaging and education, small business on leads and sales for example, you can choose your topics!

  • Improve your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube maybe even TikTok!
  • Better Understand: Algorithms and AI Optimisation (Newsfeed) for Facebook, IG, LinkedIn
  • Maximise: Social Ads including Boosted, Ad Manager, Business Manager, Pixel Retargeting etc, across platforms – create from scratch or optimise what you have already
  • Explore: Scheduling tools for automation and timeliness, audit your tools, make recommendations, trial and setup the tools
  • Build: Customer Avatars, Core Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Social Graph, Economic Graph for targeting leads and clients
  • Write: a social media strategy for a whole-of-organisation approach
  • Setup:  6 week social media Campaigns
  • Improve: Corporate blogging, social media press rooms, writing for social, content creation across Facebook, LinkedIn and others
  • Create: Key Influencer strategies – finding and evaluating, negotiating, tools to measure key influencers, and their channels
  • Others topics: hashtags and keywords, creating online courses, creating video content, livestreaming to multi-channels etc.


STUDY WITH LAUREL PAPWORTH If you’ve made it here from my social channels you probably know that I have been teaching social media for decades, managing TV show forums, doing workshops for Government around the world and that I have a Cert IV in Adult Education. For more information please go to About Laurel Papworth. 


For the last year I’ve been inviting alumni (clients that attended my Uni classes or public courses) up to the Blue Mountains to my small training room for private mentoring. These students have included: Government PR people, Small business (fashion and furniture) Large Corporate in hospitality and people from overseas (France and California).



I can ferry attendees in my car if you are staying around the Mount Vic/Blackheath area down to Katoomba. The training room itself is a converted cottage/gallery in the garden – my partner Gary Hayes runs photography workshops there on the weekend so it’s set up with desks and data projectors and screens and is very practical for training as well as being a beautiful environment (kangaroos and king parrots interrupt classes from time to time). I can fit in 8 or so people but most of you choose a maximum of two or three.



If you are looking for less costly Accommodation,  I would suggest you book a room at the (2km away) “haunted house” Victoria and Albert Guest House Mount Victoria Otherwise the gorgeous Hydro Majestic (Medlow Bath) or the lovely Carrington Hotel (Katoomba) or (a bit further away) Fairmont Resort (Leura) – depending on where you would prefer to be. Cloudland (Airbnb) is a 2 bedroom with double ensuites in Blackheath that has been popular with other attendees. Please check and for offers/availability as well. 



If you take the train from Sydney, The Victoria and Albert is a stones throw from the Mount Victoria station and I am a 10 min walk away but happy to pick you up in the car esp if it’s raining/snowing!!! Which reminds me, bring warm clothes. NOTE: Lunch is included but there is no restaurant in Mount Victoria (the Caltex does have a cafe/restaurant with veggie burgers) – so you may want to bring dinner with you if staying at Victoria and Albert Guesthouse with no car. They have a microwave. If you do have a car, there are nice restaurants in Blackheath and the rest of the mountains.

Most Popular


The best value for small business money is if you have done a public course with me, have attended a conference workshop with me or undertaken another course with me. I usually mentor social media admins who have studied the basics and want to move to advanced level. It’s not that I won’t work with beginners it’s just that public courses are sometimes best to get started and private mentoring when you want to dig deep. I’m just putting that out there… Contact me if you have any questions. 

Is Private social media mentoring right for YOU?

  • If you have specific questions, are getting mixed results, if you have a number of people telling you competing information, if you’d like to send the questions ahead of time and have them answered directly for your business, and if you don’t mind taking say, 2 days out of work to deep dive, intensively with an expert, yes, social media mentoring is for you. 
  • If you prefer classrooms with other people from other industries, if you prefer something more cost effective e.g. online, if you are looking for an inhouse/interstate/in city workshop, please contact me. 
  • If you are not sure, contact me anyway!