1. Laurel, I’m so glad I tagged John and he tagged you. Your references to Dine In and Take Away intrigue me, so I’ll be browsing around your site for a full meal today. I’m one who tends to push the boundaries of the character limit on Twitter too, often editing and tinkering to make what I want to say fit in 140 characters. Thanks for adding your voice to the discussion.

  2. Laurel, John tagged me and I wrote about my tendency to binge on media too. While I like Twitter more than you, I had not thought about Facebook much. You got me thinking about it and I think you make valid points.

  3. Oh the term “media snacker” is perfect! People who live on a diet of junk food, become fat and unhealthy and eventually a liability to society. Puppets at the mercy of other people’s marketing.

    Find something “cool”? Yes, post it on Facebook. Don’t think about it though. Don’t add any value of your own lest you dilute the marketers’ message. No, you have 255 characters or 140 characters. Just say “This is so cool!” and go and consume something else.

    leave the Real Thinking to those few people who can still take the time to reflect and argue.

  4. nope JJ m’love, THIRD life. I pop out of virtual worlds to read silly *cough* blog comments. 🙂

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