In Qui Custodiet Custodes, I commented on the program Media Watch losing relevance as the media bloggers swarm. Well today I went back to see how their forums were coming along. Not well. There’s very few threads and posts. The forums are over moderated and the online community seems to be destined to pat Media Watch on the back post each show. Here’s what I submitted to the moderated *rolls eyes* wonder if they’ll post it?

Disappointing Forums: Media Watch had the perfect opportunity to create a dynamic loyal online community ready to wade in, sabre rattling, knights and damsels in polished Mr Sheen bright armor defending the integrity *coughs* of journastic integrity and ethics.
Instead, they create an over-moderated forum that is limited to pats on the back post airing of each show. Why not open the forums up? Have those “tips” you have as a button on the main page set up and discussed here? You might find some of your victims (no I’m not one of them) actually come here cut and thrust with the best of ’em.
But then again, citizen journalism STILL isn’t about dialogue with your viewers is it?hmmm? :p
Laurel Papworth Online Communities Consultant

Ah well, its here for posterity in case they don’t. Anyway I was in a bad mood because I wanted to alert them to the SMH doof story in the bloglet below. Posting up in the forum and having others discuss it is a much cooler idea… grr.

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