MEDIA : International Herald Tribune to shutdown

Shutting down of the online IHT and merging it into New York Times made me sad – I read both online and paper versions when based in Jakarta, Singapore, Amsterdam and Milan:

In August, ad revenue at the New York Times Media Group, including both the Times and Tribune, dropped 15.1% from the same period last year. Internet advertising revenue increased 7.9% for the company’s entire news media group, driven in part by display advertising gains. Still, the company’s overall advertising revenue fell just over 1% between the first and second quarters of the year, from roughly $432.2 million to roughly $427.6 million.

“Early in the year and late last year, they [the New York Times] were among the ‘stronger’ papers, but they were not experiencing some of the double-digit declines that they’re experiencing now,” says Edward Atorino, a newspaper analyst with the Benchmark Co.

So what happens to the print version of the IHT? That’s the next question. (forbes)

I know – really know – that the next generation are growing up, not reading newspapers and not even bothering themselves with questions regarding cultural relevancy. But it still makes me sad, the International Herald Tribune would sometimes mitigate homesickness for me. It’s not the same, reading the same news online overseas. It’s got to be the paper version, to make me think of Australia and coffee and cafes in the Eastern Suburbs, and that welcome familiarity that comes with seeing the English language in print…

Laurel Papworth

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3 thoughts on “MEDIA : International Herald Tribune to shutdown

  1. Print sources of all publications will likely see a sharp decline in the coming years. Partly to save money and also to compete with new technologies. It’s sad, but what is life if not changes?

  2. I know what you mean. Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, Kathmandu, Seoul Beijing and many other places in the how do do you log on and what can you read online days in the 80s and 90s were much more fun with the IHT.

    Now I can understand. You can probably get the same information on your phone. Just not the same atmospherics and connections with others stuck in unusual and alienating environments and looking for some familiar news.

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