1. I don’t quite understand the moral posturing seen in your criticism of people wanting to disseminate their ideas via communication channels to the public. Hasn’t this always been the case? Surely, if you answer yes to that question, then it seems unlikely that things can reasonably be expected to change on that score in the near future. But it’s okay, because the internet allows whomever to establish their own “communication channels”. Just look at Russia Today – now the most watched News Channel online: an entirely online operation.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information, it is really scary how big business is gunning for social media and how scared they are of it. Some of the comments these mining executives make that you quote are mind boggling, surely they can’t be that naive, thinking they can say this kind of stuff and won’t be ridiculed. Apparently they can. In the US a pr person or someone in corporate communications would block an executive from the kind of scary crazy speak you quote. Interesting

  3. I’m not very sure whether mining should control social media. But from the video of Lord Monckton and the quotes that followed, I think it is actually just the right thing that needs to happen.


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