Meda08 Morning My Loves

My crap attempt at microbogging

Jack Matthews: Content is King for Fairfax
Kevin Anderson: should The Guardian have seesmic in their blogs?

Kevin Swanepoel: Viral videos are cool

Morning Tea: chatted with Kevin Anderson who has contacts with Saudi women bloggers

BBC: we the consumer are learning and evolving. BBC takes television and convergence and creates education with collaboration. (my words) oh and TRUST

OHMYNEWS covering long tail and Obamas social fundraising, trust, identity, OhMyNews editorial process. mix trad and user generated. Not explained – how original and life changing OhMyNews was. Best bit: biggest challenge is changing eyeballs to stakeholders (his words)

Mr Sydney agency – tricky to do programming of online videos. $27 for 1000 eyeballs for So You Think you can dance. but an online ad is $60-$120 (?) for same penetration.

Mr AlJazeera Coffeeshop Culture of Cairo. Compare with Kevin Anderson BritishPub culture. He says no one knows biz models (talk to OhMyNews ?)

Battery dead or nearly – I better go, will try live-ish blogging this afternoon. Wish you were here :p

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