Got my beeehind smacked (nicely) by Ross Hill who pointed out that some companies are using Facebook, not blocking it.

In a lecture at uni last week Peter Williams from Deloitte’s said they have a company network on facebook with thousands of members. They use it regularly and even release their own applications on facebook for internal use. Might be worth looking at the other side, what companies DO use facebook?

He’s quite right. I guess I just get caught up in the “oh every company has a MySpace page but they still block access” generalisation.

I found some bits and bobs on Deloittes and Facebook:

Dedicated professionals and students came together at Deloitte’s student networking event at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club on Wednesday afternoon. This event, mainly targeting recent graduates and current college students, was put together by various employees and student interns at Deloitte, and was promoted well through Deloitte’s facebook account!

There are 14,000 and rising members on the Deloitte Facebook network.

I mentioned Duncan Riley’s Techcrunch piece, on Telstra blocking Facebook, in another post – note the Siemen’s connection to Facebook.

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, has banned its approximately 49,000 employees from using Facebook.

As Cameron Reilly at G’Day World puts it, “This would be a retarded move for ANY company, let alone a company that is trying to position itself as a company that “gets” online.”

The move is strange given the growing worldwide popularity of Facebook as a corporate tool. German company and international electronics powerhouse Siemens already has 6000 employees using Facebook, with plans to deliver exclusive Facebook apps for employee use in the future. According to Robert Scoble, Facebook could well become a substitute for Siemen’s corporate intranet. Facebook is also growing in popularity as a business networking tool.

Good ol’ shy, retiring, quiet Cameron. 😛

What Australian companies are making a concerted effort to work with Facebook? I don’t mean spam pages to push their products and services, like a MySpace-style advertising/placeholder page, but a real effort to acknowledge their employees as members of social networks ?

Sheesh now I have to try and change my Facebook group name and agenda around. Breaking the first rule of Social Network: Purpose. Ah well. What’s more helpful – a list of companies that don’t engage in social networking combined with a list of the customer discussions that they are not part of? Or one’s that do engage, and are part of the discussion, if you know what I mean? 🙂