There’s something very geeky about watching Mashable Summit live (with CNN) on at 1:52 am on a Wednesday Ā morning in Sydney.

Watch live streaming video from mashable at

But I suspect I’ll be doing more of it.

Foursquare announces new World Cup partnership with CNN. Unlocking content around the world including top viewing spots.

Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley on live at the moment. BTW they’ve left secret locations for people to find badges around the world, for the World Cup. *winks*

They have signed up 5000 venues of Starbucks. AJ Bombers sold 30% more burgers through a Foursquare special.

This is not a post on Foursquare – what it is etc, – but some of the discussions in the live stream have revealed nuggets. Foursquare already have revenue! šŸ™‚

My question re: Will Foursquare move across to from Points to Facebook Credits wasn’t asked/answered šŸ™ Oh well.