The next time the Marketing department, or anyone in the know, at your company says that ‘nobody has time to blog’ i.e. communicate with the consumer, ask them ‘whatever happened to the Typing Pool?’

Typing Pool 1.0 -> ….?

Because everyone from CEO’s down were “too busy” to type their own letters. And sure, many senior people still have a personal assistant. But nowhere near everyone. And I haven’t seen a typing pool in years. Not since the Technology Revolution.

Not everything survives. Marketing – besides snake oil salesmen – has been around for, what, 40? 50? years and came to the fore with the advent of websites and cheaper channels but that doesn’t mean marketing will look anything like it does today, in another 10 years. Post Communication Revolution. Will there be a Marketing 2.0 or will those departments be converted to rooms for any staff who want to moderate forums and comment on blogs? An open wiki for staff and vendors and customers? A few spin stories that are shown up for exactly that in social networks, annihilating those companies, and the CEO might just say, ‘no more marketing: truth and transparency only’. Just kidding, like that would ever happen… right?

When I did my marketing course in the mid ’80’s, it wasn’t a Uni course but an Institute course (Colleges and Institutes have gone now). It was a diploma combined with H.R. and really a girly thing to do. Yep back in those days courses were still very ‘male’ or ‘female’ oriented – my Institute also taught women to do nursing. Things change. But, will Marketing plans ever be shoved in a storage room with a bunch of old typewriters? Nah of course not – Marketing will pretty well stay the same, absolutely it will survive, we need marketing to manage the discussion between company and client … right???