There’s quite a shift at the moment with the heavy hitters in social media and peer communities making a play into politics. Zuckerberg has been touring mining towns “listening to the people”.

Joe Biden will be announcing a special group of people PAC – American Possibilities – tomorrow.

“Officially, the group will be “dedicated to electing people who believe that this country is about dreaming big, and supporting groups and causes that embody that spirit,” according to the PAC’s launch materials”

Of course the materials aren’t available publicly cos y’know this is still the 1900’s when a press embargo meant something.

I suggest the Democrats think long and hard before jumping in bed with a Zuck (all your shopping behaviours belong to us), Thiel (a libertarian so far Right he’s Left again) and Musk (whaaaaat?)

But then again, maybe they will be the Left’s answer to the Trump – extreme ennui demand extreme leaders.

I’d vote for Scoble (on left) He’d give me a VR headset & a pony for my vote 😛 

I’m not actually averse to Representational Democracy breaking down and dying along with #FakeNews Media. Bring on Direct Democracy.  I’m hiding in a cave in the Mountains so I’ll be fine. xxxx

If vaguely interested in how Facebook could manage Direct Democracy:

Maybe I would vote for Zuck. Hmm. He probably won’t be invited into PAC then!