w00t we make a difference! Mark Pesce started it, me and a handful of others have been blogging about it. Ajay and Myles even established a mashup ICanHazMeraki.Net (why isn’t it embeddable? Grrr ajay!) Anyway, Sydney Morning Herald has caught on:

A group of socially networked geeks hopes to bring free wi-fi to the masses, reports Simon Sharwood.

FRUSTRATED by the NSW Government’s stalled free wi-fi project, a group of Facebookers have decided to start their own.

Yep Aussie Facebookers might be wasting $5 million of employers money, but at least they are doing it bringing down telecommunications companies 🙂

It was inspired by futurist Mark Pesce to create a free wireless network, which the group hopes will one day cover Sydney and make it easy for anyone to enjoy the convenience of free internet access for quick tasks such as checking email.

Known as Sydney Free Wireless, the group is using cheap mesh network technology from a Google-backed US start-up called Meraki to start a network of free neighbourhood wi-fi hot spots and promote such services through a grassroots campaign.

This is part of a revolution for business models – the customer as distributor and reseller. Not that it’s never been done before – Amway anyone? how about Tupperware?- it’s just so darn easy now. Banking, fundraising, telecommunications … welcome to the consumer economy. The C2C model.

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