I tried to join Marcom Professional community but – and there was no warning, it was after I filled in the form – they require an email address of someone I know on the site. Well I know a bunch of people on there, and tried about EIGHT email addresses, but none of them worked. So sorry, Brian, Trevor, Walter et al. you get to remain a boys club.


The About page is really poor as well – in the section that should be the personality or voice of the site is:

MarCom Professional is designed and hosted by a small independent company called Social Professional set up to do just this sort of thing. We’re all BIG Web fans and we decided to do this whilst kicking ourselves for not doing Facebook :-). Saying that, we wanted to create a more cohesive social network, one where all members have more in common than they do on generic networks.

You any the wiser? No? Thought not. No contact us, no names, no “Tweet us”. Nothing. The whole thing could be run by affiliate marketers, by spammers, by News.com, by… no real backstory, such a critical oversight in targetted communities, in my experience.

The site is incredibly rigid – once you have added your company name, you can’t change it.

As we want to keep MarCom Professional relevant specifically to MarCom, we currently don’t allow company details to be changed once they’ve been approved; we’re working on methods to improve this, but they’re not in place yet.

…but you can “drop them an email”. See what I mean? They’ve erred on the side of caution, far too much in my book.

Now I’m all for niche’ing down networks, barrier to entries are fine, targetted communications are important. But this is an example of when you let marketing people build a “community”. You end up with a bunch of marketing communication tools and very few community ones.

In case you are still in doubt – there’s no “Contact Us” that I could find on the site for me to express my concerns or challenges on the site. Hence this blog post.