Slideshare is bliss if you are a powerpoint fiend. šŸ™‚

Hello m’darlings from MakingLinks. Here’s the slides from WebDirections – I changed it for you guys, but there’s no point me uploading the same presentation over and over again with slight changes. Anybody remember what else we looked at? Besides Joost, World of Warcraft, Second Life, ummm AIDsmap? Oh and here’s some awesome feedback on the MakingLinks site:

It’s on!

The Making Links confernece kicked off on Monday 29th with a social networking workshop attended by about 35 people. Smoe of the comments on evaluations:

“really good stuff, picked up lots of ideas”,

“Excellent, fascinating info”,

“really valuable and interesting”

Most participants rated the workshop as good or excellent.

Take a look at the draft program

Take a look at the conference

Take a look at our moblog Photos are being added throughout the two day event – see who’s there, who’s presenting, keynote speakers etc.

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Someone tell Priscilla Brice Weller that I found my phone willya? She’s speaking this afternoon and again, tomorrow morning, straight after me and the panel. Now I have to go and finish my intro spiel.

Everyone else – move along here, nothing to see, keep going…. :p