1. MySpace offer a 102 year old grumpy elf from Sydney a job? Before or after they sue? ie. nah won’t happen.

    I emailed to a woman at News/Fox/MySpace who wrote a press release about a new guy taking over cyber safety at MySpace. I asked her to pass the bloggy to him. Least I could do – I’m sure that nastier people than me worked out a long time ago how to impersonate a MySpace official employee, but it would be remiss of me not to try and get through their bureaucracy, no? I think there’s an Aussie lady too, I’ll try and dig up her name later.

  2. I dislike MySpace music. MySpace is too dirty with spam; I saw that some tools like this one: MySpace Music Plays Increaser allow so called musicians to get popularity on MySpace with black advertising. I think that really cool musician doesn’t need black advertising, it will be popular anyway, event without fake plays. So if MySpace is full with black web promotion, it is place of bad musicians. It is my opinion. waste only

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