The blurb:

Ooh, what a sexy phrase. Don’t we all want our significant others whispering sweet nothings about new games we’re all waiting for, or unchecked SYN packets. To give it that extra edge, the japanese text is a loose translation.

So my question is, what does the Japanese mean (just how ‘loose’ is that transalation?!!111!!).

Jinx has done everything right – a really brilliant little community has sprung up around a small niche commercial site. I love reading the comments from buyers of their admittedly-limited range of geeky slogan’ed t-shirts. Uploading of fotos of customers wearing the t-shirts was a brilliant move too. Reminds me of restaurants that have a wall with a ‘send us a postcard’ or ‘send foto wearing an Applebee’s hat’ . For the Aussies – Applebees is a US breakfast restaurant chain. Well i went there for breakfast, and they are everywhere, all over the 52 States or however many there are, so thats what I’m calling them…. a breakfast restaurant chain.

Two lessons here – one, purchasing online can be made more enjoyable than purchasing in real life. I certainly don’t laugh out loud, raucously, uncontrollably when I am at a downtown store. Well, not without men in white coats appearing through the tears of laughter. And believe me, some of the customer comments were hilarious. Second lesson, let your customers do the selling for you, forums, polls, implement a foto wall, whatever it takes to build a community. Remember, the brand is the community and the community is the brand. Twas ever so, we just never realised it…

Hmmm? What t-shirt did I buy? Why, the one that said “nobody reads my blog” of course!!