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  1. Mr *cough* Anonymous *cough* sent me an email hinting that any prospective employee might want to tone down evangelical user generated content proselytizing. He was at a T&T conference last year (that’s Travel and Tourism to you!) and it was clear that even if the Lonely Planet types understood the We Media revolution, they didn’t trust their customers.And were not shy to state that out loud and proud. This is not an unusual stance. It just means at the interview, be a little more conciliatory play up your negotation skills than you would be if you were being interviewed by me or another Web 2.0 devotee. You and I know that people are going to use tools to talk to each other about their travels – the equivalent of the holiday slide nights of the 70’s – but we don’t have to shove it down the poor loves throats. 🙂

    And to the other person, the book/tavel site was SlowTravelTalk. I haven’t checked it out in ages, but they had fotos and forums and stuff. Check out my old post here. Of course with a sponsored site (lonely planet) instead of an underwritten site (open slather), the sponsors won’t like discussion on books other than LonelyPlanet. Which brings up all other sorts of issues…

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