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Social Media News Australia 22nd February 2021 Livestream

What the Code means for everyday Australians as the war between Facebook and Government and Media wages on.

Sooooo the great Facebook wars of 2021 have commenced in earnest. My livestream about social media news is every Monday at 10:45am Sydney time and you’ll NEVER guess what it’s about today! Oh ok, you will – Facebook News Media ban due to the Digital Media Code proposal.

TOPICS The Facebook Australia News Ban, the Digital bargaining Code, Department of Health blocking Facebook Ads in Australia, Newscorp publishing critical information behind a #paywall 🙂 The Google DownUnder (Google Australia) media bargaining deal, Australian Financial Review pulling out of media clipping services, the drop in traffic to media sites in Australia, and I might mention my Channel 4 and my ITV UK interviews on this subject 😛 PS I didn’t mention them so you have to go the links!

Hoarding, wireframe, billboard, whatevs – equivalent of Facebook share – the Newsagency has to pay even if you just walk by. Photo: sexeh Gary P Hayes

Resources on #AFairCode and #FacebookNewsBan

TL:DR I still think that Media should pay Facebook and Google not vice versa. If Amazon affiliates can wrap ads around affiliate links so can bloody social media platforms that are doing a better job of gaining and retaining eyeballs than Heritage Media. Yes I stuck the TL:DR at the end of the blog post 😛

COMMENTS: You can join me in the discussion on the Facebook Livestream, the YouTube Livestream, The Twitter (Periscope) Livestream and the LinkedIn Livestream and I stream on my personal Facebook if you just want to follow me there. If the site has comments, comment there 🙂 and if it has playlists I will link in the description, first comment etc. xxxxxx

PS cos it was Live and I forget things I meant to show the engagement of Department of Health for the last 7 days on Faceybookz.

Ignore the Joe Biden stuff just note how well Australian Government Department of Health does on Facebook for ENGAGEMENT (not reach/impressions).

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