1. Hi Donna, definitely not a definitive list 🙂 if you have some faves, please let me know? I can add them to the list. Cheers Laurel @SilkCharm

  1. Wow, I have more Podcasts to listen to. I hope to fin their topics interesting as well as engaging. Thanks for the information!

  2. I will visit these links soon. Which do you think is the best of all?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!


  3. I would love to hear all these Podcasts real soon. Do you have any personal favorites among these?



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  5. Hey Laurel,

    I’d be honored if you could take a listen to my podcast, the Social Media Roundup, over at http://socialmediaroundup.net

    I’d also love to have you on the show as a guest. The audience is business owners and ceo’s looking for information about social media and I think you’d be a good fit with all your experience and awards.

    Let me know via email. Thanks!
    -Taylor Marek

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