1. Just a smidgen. 🙂

    I just think its a bit like old-school trying to use traditional media tricks in user generated channels. Now if they had some hip young thangs hosting it – real ones, none of that Trixie/Yahoo or fake LonelyGirls, and really really stayed on top of the fast changing youth sector, *shrugs* then sure, it might work. Then again, why not simply take the top 100 videos on YouTube – including tacky Star Wars Kid style ones – and offer ’em a 1000 bucks to add a “brought to you by Levis” to it? A la WhereTheHellIsMatt chewing gum sponsors. And user generated ads – expo.tv will win out over YouTube for that niche. BTW is YouTube collecting enough demographic info from the profiles, dya think?

    Now that we own the content AND the distribution channels, passive advertising – yes, banners as well – won’t work. Only clever ads and campaigns will survive. At least the ads will get smarter, tho the crap on tv will prolly stay the same. *grumbles*

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