1. Disappointing really. conspiracy theories with no factual basis around timing of an announcement simply shows that the author is out of touch with contemporary politics. It was ell known that the Coalition were planning to remove that exemption from the ACCC Act if they won the last electon. Business, individuals, religious groups, unions and just about any combination of people you care to name are bound by the Act to avoid secondary boycotts. For reasons no-one has adequately explained, environmental activist are specifically exempt. A far more comprehensive argument – also against the change can be found here … http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-24/berg-freedom-of-speech-means-freedom-to-boycott/4977410
    In my view, the change simply puts the onus on environmental activists to be factual and the win their arguments though informed public discourse rather than the current case where they are allowed to make stuff up simply to scare people.

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