1. I’m always most distressed when I look up from my laptop to see my wild bunch (3 kids in blended bliss) quietly engrossed, all on their own laptops, as is my partner. Happily humming along together. I find it repellent and oddly warming. I know it can’t be right.

  2. just for interest sake.. the tibetan version of sticks and stones goes like this: “sticks and stones may break your bones, but harsh words can rip a man’s heart to pieces”

  3. Spot on Laurel. We were just talking about the houses that my daughter aged 9 going on 12 visits. Not many books, but lots of wide screen TV’s, Wii’s, Play Stations, DVD’s, Computers…..

    We work hard to challenge this kind of stuff. Your post makes me more motivated.

  4. I must admit the bottom photo looks like me at my place. I’m frequently checking email and Twitter on my iPhone before I’m fully awake in the morning, also often dropping off to awake later cradling my phone like a baby…

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