Don’t employ a shock-comedian (Catherine Deveny) and then expect her to behave on Twitter. Don’t advertise on Kyle Sandilands shock-jock radio show and then expect him to behave. Match your purpose and your value systems with your channels or you will play the hypocrite when it finally falls apart.And if you don’t agree with their values don’t advertise with them at all – don’t wait for it all to blow up and THEN get rewarded with a “good citizen” badge. You deserve a different kind of badge… 

I just think people should “own” their value systems & be accountable for them. If Kyle offends you time after time, stop listening and for God’s sake dont advertise on his show. If you find him funny, provocative and/or just the sort of politically incorrect ass that Australia needs, stand by him.

Chopping and changing value systems based on public outcrys is hypocritical, no?

Kyle Sandilands Recent Rant

On Tuesday Sandilands had personally attacked entertainment reporter Alison Stephenson for her review of his TV show, A Night with the Stars.

“Some fat slag on the Telegraph website, sorry,, has already branded it a disaster. You can tell by reading the article she just hates us. What a fat bitter thing you are. You’ve got a nothing job anyway. You’re a piece of shit,” he said.

His co-host Jackie O joked that Sandilands didn’t take criticism well. Sandilands then named Stephenson and said: “You are supposed to be impartial, you little troll … You’re a bullshit artist girl. That’s what you are. You should be fired from your job.”

After Jackie O told listeners that the article contained a picture of the reporter, Sandilands said: “You haven’t got that much titty to be wearing that low cut a blouse. Watch your mouth girl, or I will hunt you down.”

Coincidentally reported on – where the “female journalist” works.

Now if this was a nice Christian boy that lost it, I could understand that his rant would upset people.

But I can’t. He’s an a-hole, was an a-hole always will be an a-hole. Why are advertisers surprised?

From Twitter:

  • @Blackmores We instructed our media agency 2 pull all our ads from 2DayFM. If you do hear 1 of our ads please let us know ASAP #Kylesandilands#VileKyle
  • @HoldenNews #Holden withdraws sponsorship of Kyle & Jackie O Breakfast Show:
  • @crazyjohns To clarify – Crazy John’s is not a sponsor of the Kyle and Jackie O Show and our ads have been removed from the program.
  • Fantastic Furniture, Good Guys, Vodafone, Harvey Norman, Medibank and so on have finally pulled their advertising.
Stop acting surprised. You knew he would deliver listeners through his bad behaviour and your rewarded him with advertising sponsorship. And Twitter is rewarding you for doing the right thing- finally? Hypocrites.

Hypocrite number two is Catherine Deveny

This is the woman who said on Twitter:
Deveny drew the most criticism for writing that she hoped 11-year-old TV star Bindi Irwin “gets laid” and that former TV host Rove McManus’ wife Tasma “didn’t die too” – referring to the loss of his first wife, Belinda Emmett, to cancer in 2006.
That was humour? What Kyle ranted was better or worse? Catherine Deveny can take the moral higher ground because she no longer “pushes the envelope”?
CatherineDeveny  Want to get rid of #VileKyle and send a message to other creeps? Please sign this petition and RT. Thank-you!…
CatherineDeveny  I’d love to show my disgust at #VileKyle by stop listening to his show but I’ve never listened and don’t even know what station he’s on.
CatherineDeveny: Holden, Vodafone, Goodguys and @Blackmores have dropped  #VileKyle – @Pepsi @Fosters@Adrenaline & @FantasticFurniturehaven’t.
News just to hand @FantasticFurniture has just dropped #VileKyletoo (via @LucretiaBorden) KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!!!!
Advertising by @CrazyJohns @Telstra and @HarveyNormanAUALSO prop up #VileKyle. Boycott and pile on the pressure.
And so on and so forth…
Puleaze. Hypocrites abound. I suspect she is just thrilled another media personality with an “edgy” tongue is coping a twitload.
(PS And the editor that sacked her was a hypocrite – don’t employ a comedien and then ask them to write family friendly articles. Match the Purpose with the Values. )
So here’s a tip. If you don’t like the jokes, don’t follow them on Twitter. If you don’t agree with the rants, don’t listen to them on the radio. And if you don’t agree with their values don’t advertise with them at all – don’t wait for it all to blow up and THEN get rewarded with a “good citizen” badge. Nope, you get the Hypocrite badge.
What say you?