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No my loves, Kongregate is not just another Flash game site. From Hanford Lemoore blog

Taking a closer look at Kongregate, I realized that it has potential to be a very disruptive game publisher, following practices that I had wished other publishers would do for a while now. And when I say “game publisher”, I mean indie publishers like Big Fish, Real Arcade, Popcap, Oberon, and Reflexive.

So, you are a game developer – upload to Kongregate and they share the advertising revenue and microtransactions. Plus are bringing in a Stock Market System for predicting which games will be hot.

Founded in 2006 and currently in a state of heavy development, Kongregate seeks to create the leading online hub for players and game developers to meet up, play games, and operate together as a community.

By wrapping user-submitted Flash games with various community features, Kongregate’s site serves as a unique way for users to play great web-based games alongside friends. Anyone can add their own games to Kongregate’s library in a process that’s fast and simple.

Kongregate operates with an understanding of how difficult it can be for talented game developers – from the aspiring gamesmith to the independent studio – to get the recognition and compensation that they deserve. That’s why Kongregate shares microtransaction and advertising revenue with contributing developers, who retain the full rights to their games.

Kongregate is currently looking for skilled Flash game developers and advertising partners. Interested parties can contact us at inquiries@kongregate.com.

To learn more about Kongregate and our plans, check out our FAQ, or read some of the very nice articles that other sites have written about us.

Is it a drupal site? It has “pages”. But it’s really webtwo-ey. I just wish there was a way to embed Fancy Pants adventures into my blog – so you guys could be just as addicted!

Laurel Papworth

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2 thoughts on “Kongregate Flash Games

  1. Thanks Laurel –

    We’ve considered doing an “embed this game” feature. The issue is the expectations of our user/developers when they upload the games. They aren’t necessarily expecting us to syndicate their games elsewhere…

    Having said that, we need to have a checkbox to opt in for this when uploading.

    The site is built on Ruby on Rails, not Drupal, btw.

  2. Oh RoR? I just read on Techmeme that Joyent Slingshot allows developers to deploy Rails applications that work the same online and offline (with synchronization) and with drag into and out of the application just like a standard desktop application.

    Hmm not sure what that has to do with anything cos if you were going to have a downloadable game with embedded ads model, you can just have ’em download the flash version 😛

    Thank you for responding and telling me what you run the site on – I’m really trying to learn by looking at the page and the source code. Appreciate it.

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