1. It’s not the boss that’s the problem. At least twice these stories have emanated from co-workers, who then dob into the boss. bastards. 😛

      1. I have a question. How do I allow all my friends the ability to post on my page while limiting groups of people who can view the posts?

        I have set up groups of friends with different privileges and set up permissions in settings/wall/who can see posts. But all this did is disable the ability of the restricted group from being able to post anything on my wall.

        1. You can’t enable someone the ability WRITE if they don’t have READ access. That’s like writing in the dark, isn’t it?

    1. I’ll try rooly hard not to post up fotos of me on Facebook throwing up after a Tweetup, pissed as a fart. of course, we never post up fotos of ourselves – we are praying to the porcelein god – it’s our FRIENDS that post them up.

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