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facebook-privacyFacebook is used (mostly) by members as a gated community. They want to keep information within the network, not have it published in the newspaperOpens in a new tab.. News.com.au sucks sometimes:

we cant make media but we can provide News
we can't make media but we can provide News

Stinging status leads to Facebook fracas

WE are nominating this the Facebook fracas of the week. Names have been changed and bad words bleeped to protect the guilty.

Feedback Have you seen a bigger row recently? Let us know in the comments below.

It all began with a status update. Then it went downhill fast..Opens in a new tab.

This sort of thing disturbs me – I know, I know, we the former passive readers are now publishers and should be aware of the invisible audience, but seriously, do you expect your emails to end up in the Sydney Morning Herald or some tabloid? Twitter I understand, it IS usually completely public, but Facebook, tsk tsk, we tend to leave settings on default – family and network can see all (not public), no RSS, no Google search etc. so are confused when our content makes it outside of Facebook.

So timely for these tips, published just af ew days ago

Great site AllFacebook with Top Ten Tips (click the link for the actual tutorial on how to do these things)

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

Posted by Nick O’Neill

  1. Use your friends list (set privacy differently for the boss, family, friends, kids)
  2. Remove yourself from FACEBOOK SEARCH (can’t be found by Facebook members)
  3. Remove yourself from GOOGLE SEARCH (outsiders can’t peek in)
  4. Turn off or control video/photo tagging (don’t get named and shamed on other people’s content)
  5. Protect your own photo albums (privacy settings)
  6. Choose which “news stories” appear on friend’s walls and newsfeed
  7. Remove which applications post stupid messages to Facebook “friends”.
  8. Make your contact information private (remove  email, phone, location etc)
  9. Avoid embarassing wall posts (one of my friends is a New Zealand sex therapist and she has posted pretty interesting stuff that clients just LOVE to see).
  10. Make private friends list (“hi, Laurel said we should be friends!”-DID NOT!)

Remember, you don’t have to turn them all ON (or off or whatever). For instance, I keep my business contact information there. But the photos of me… never mind. *slams door*

I blogged about the soldierOpens in a new tab. who died in Afganistan, and there was a hint that the photos of his children had been ripped from his Facebook profile by the media.  Things to think about, I guess.

Laurel Papworth

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9 thoughts on “Keep Facebook Private

    1. It’s not the boss that’s the problem. At least twice these stories have emanated from co-workers, who then dob into the boss. bastards. 😛

      1. I have a question. How do I allow all my friends the ability to post on my page while limiting groups of people who can view the posts?

        I have set up groups of friends with different privileges and set up permissions in settings/wall/who can see posts. But all this did is disable the ability of the restricted group from being able to post anything on my wall.

        1. You can’t enable someone the ability WRITE if they don’t have READ access. That’s like writing in the dark, isn’t it?

    1. I’ll try rooly hard not to post up fotos of me on Facebook throwing up after a Tweetup, pissed as a fart. of course, we never post up fotos of ourselves – we are praying to the porcelein god – it’s our FRIENDS that post them up.

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