1. “Ok, I’ve had hundreds of death threats”

    Wow, take a trophy!

    Unprofessional, maybe, but sometimes personal safety comes first, for the sake of family. Some Net threats have come close to reality, it’s not really for you to judge how she reacted to it. I’m not convinced she was doing it for a traffic rush.

  2. “it’s not really for you to judge how she reacted to it”

    Actually that is exactly what Kathy was asking… why else post up forum/pictures/email scum and comments, with a call to arms? Surely she was asking for a response? I read the information and formed my own opinion and made a comment on it. *shrugs* it may not be politically correct but it’s my response.

    And truncating my quote really takes things out of context doesn’t it? I must remember that trick…

    I’m not convinced she is doing it for a traffic rush either. I think she was doing it to shut up MeanKids. And I think it worked, beautifully.

  3. Which seems poetic don’t you think?

    I mean I’m all for free speech but you have to wonder just what the “top tech bloggers” aims were when they created Meankids and Unclebobsims.

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