1. “Facebook used to have a clause that people couldn’t take content and publish it elsewhere but I don’t think they do anymore… Shame”

    And what if it did have such a clause? What is Facebook going to do? Facebook isn’t the law. All that Facebook would have open to it would be to ban the account which was used to provide the pictures for that external publishing.

    What what happen next? The person who got banned would open a new account.

    I’m doing some research on something and have found the ease with which you can become a friend of a friend of someone of interest is simply astounding. Once you’re in that circle, it is very easy to befriend the person of interest — then you have access to pictures, updates and the rest.

    This is an law enforcement officer/ reporter / investigator’s dream come true. (Even without subpoena, the amount of information which can be gathered is staggering.)

  2. Like jenzpeace, I am also interested to see what will happen. I hope you update us on that. Thanks for sharing. There will always be people who will take advantage of any situation to get noticed.

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