1. Keep up the citizen journalism, Laurel.

    This is way cool and a great way to travel to exotic places!

  2. I found out about your adventure from a Contributing Editor from BlogHer. I wish you the best,

    I know this extends far beyond blogging to establishing relationships around the world.

    Keep the faith and when you get a chance put up some photos (if it is safe to do so).

  3. i like ur exotic journey .. and really i wanna see ya with headscraf iguess its cool on u .. this is saudi arabia nothin interesting in it .. No nightclubs and No womens drive and No cool placese there . i had a Experience. i drove in jeddah and really there big mess on the roads yah I remembered somthin No one recpict you when u drive .. they’re savages .. and No one drives safley there . its rear to see someone drives well . theres A lot of Security guards on the gates at the mall why!! I’ll tell ya they’re stopping the boys and men .why again !! because just in saudi arabia ((you cant enter without your family !!!!!!!!..if u wanna get shopping u gotta get ur mom or sister or any famile to let u in ..(exotic place) by the way . No cinemaes there ..and All the reaturants got a 2 sections ! single – family !! if I wanna eat i cant set in A family section they gonna kick me out .. I am gonna call that kingdom retardation !! I hope guys loke my Experience ..

  4. I like your exotic journey . and really iwanna see u with headscraf I guess its cool on you .anyway .I had an experience in saudi arabia .I rented a car in jeddah and i found thigs they’re never recpict you when u drive and theres A big traffic and big mess in the roads . they’re savages . its rear to see someone drives well . No nights clubs there and No womens drive and No cool places and No parks and No cinemas .. how can I live there !!!!! 2 things more when u wanna go to the mall im takling about the men .(you cant enter without ur family)!! theres alot of scurity guards they wont let u in if u wanna get shopping u gotta get ur mom or ur sister or any famile To let u in !!!!!! and the resturants has 2 sections !! what that mean? I’ll tell ya it means there single section and family section . if ur a male u can go and eat in a singal section if ur a married u can go and eat with ur kids and wife in family section and famile also can eat in family section !! WTF this is saudi arabia , (exotic kingdom) ..im gonna call the saudi arabia (kingdom retardation)

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