1. Ye gads. Ads, ads, ads. Isn’t anyone going to try a different model?

    Gimme pay-per-view, let me subscribe. Please. Anything. Just leave the ads out of it…

  2. When I was at ASTRA, someone mentioned SMS as being a revenue model. When I asked about it, apparently it generates the MOST revenue. Wierd huh? No wonder they had those court cases and investigations around SMS based shows in the UK.

    I don’t mind ads as long as they are clever and aren’t shown to me too often. And if anyone is going to deliver that, it will be Google who will know exactly the last time I saw the ad and under what conditions. With their ambient environment technology they’ll soon know what I muttered under my breath too. 🙂

  3. To make money out of the ad model you have to produce content that advertisers want to advertise in/on/between.

    I just think it’s a bit odd that Joost wants to disrupt tv (and good luck to them, I truly hope they manage it) but they are copying the model.

    Listened to Heather Albrecht at a seminar this week – ads are the cracks between content she said. Brands have to think like media companies, they need to become the content.

    If they seriously do that, and it would seem both sensible and desirable for them to do so, then there will be fewer ads to deliver to all these start-ups.

    And a lot more bad cookery shows.

    Now, please can I subscribe to just the English Premier League highlights show…?

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