Welcome home darling, how was your day at the cube farm?

Bit of a discussion in today’s Sydney Morning Herald (Oct 27-28, page 3 MyCareer) about putting hobbies on job applications. (You go find the linkety link).

I blame the education system for this kind of nonsense. Howard Rheingold said it so well at eduau2007 – We teach kids how to sit still all day, only moving when the bell rings, so they are assimiliated as good and obedient little battery hens.. errr workers:

Here’s a bit of that article from the Sydney Morning Herald who spoke with Morgan McKinley Operational Managing Dictator Director Andy Evans, in the U.K.

Some interests (for example, rugby or soccer) certainly appear to be more acceptable than others (contemporary dance, poetry). “not all hobbies are equal,” Evans says,. “In the financial sector we don’t want to see quirky – we’re looking for team sports that demonstrate leadership and commitment or voluntary work where you are doing something good in your community. Something a bit different but not too different, and that shows you are using your weekends efficiently and to broaden your horizons.

Good luck with finding and retaining Gen Y employees with that approach.

I liked the journo’s (Mira Katbamna) response “Frankly, if my employer knew just how much my horizons were broadened last weekend, they’d sack me.” None of the employer’s business what you do on your weekend. Unless you are a Rugby player partaking in dubious substances. Of course, now that you the employee are a Brand of One, you have to manage your brand especially online. No more drunken ramblings on your blog or Facebook status updates that look a lot less witty Monday morning, no fotos on Flickr of you in drag throwing up a kebab outside World Bar in the Cross. Yep, you know who you are.

Anyway, Remember: Friends don’t let Friends Facebook drunk. I really should start capturing dodgy status updates more for my Facebook Status Updates – Speaking the Unspeakable group. Career limiting moves abound. Steven once posted (last name deleted to protect the guilty) : ‘asleep under my desk sleeping off last nights excesses. ‘

Make your next job one you find through your social network – avoid accidentally ending up at the sort of factory where your every move online is monitored. Social search will find you a better environment than seek.com.au – plus your buddy who gets you the job will go for coffees with you and sneak off for Fridays at beer-o’clock. Win win win. Well, win for you and buddy. Note to self: don’t take a job with a friend who is a loser.

Incidentally, does anyone remember the papers that Sir Martin Sorrell mentioned in his chat last night? Was it called Brickz? I forgot to write them down… something about employees wanting strong corporate social responsibility. He didn’t say the triple bottom line, but I think that’s what he meant. Much better that we check what the company gets up to in it’s spare time, than vice versa. Heh. VICE versa… geddit?